Trips and courses on herbs and flowers

Are you a fan of herbs and flowers? Do you happen not to know much about them but would like to discover the secrets of this microenvironment?
With the arrival of summer, At the Alvaneta Farm you can participate in theoretical and practical meetings, where you can learn how to recognize and gather wild plant species that grow in the Vallo di Diano, and how to use them for food, and herbal medicine.

The meetings are divided into:

  • Lectures where you can learn the features and therapeutic properties of herbs and flowers of the area.
  • Excursions amongst nature looking for herbs and flowers putting in practice gained knowledge.
  • Workshops where you can learn how to prepare tasty and relaxing herbal teas.


Have a look at 2 of our proposals, designed to satisfy your curiosity and your needs:

  1. THE FRIDAY OF NATURE (minimum: groups of ten people):an afternoon appointment with the Alvaneta Farm dedicated to harvesting and preparation of food products with herbs and flowers
    Cost 25,00 euro
  2. THE GREEN WEEKEND (minimum: groups of ten people):
    an intense weekend, surrounded by plants present at Vallo di Diano
    Cost 140,00 euro


Here is the schedule

  • expected arrival on Friday afternoon at Padula, by car, by bus or by an alternative means of transport Trenitalia (trains) from Battipaglia (we can assure you the free link between the stops of Padula-Sala Consilina and l'Agriturismo (farm house) )
  • welcome and a tasty buffet first time together to get to know and explain the activities of the weekend, giving space to your particular needs
  • Entertained evening to help you relax, so as to start afresh the next day full of energy
  • Saturday morning will be dedicated to finding and searching for useful wild plants in the forests and beautiful meadows of Vallo di Diano
  • Lunch on the farm or packed lunch if you decide to stray off
  • Visit to the Museum of Herbs and the Historical Centre of Teggian
  • An afternoon rich in aromas and tastes thanks to the prepartion of recipes using the herbs collected
  • Dinner and folk entertainment on the farm
  • Sunday will be dedicated to herbal remedies and natural medicine: all herbal medical preparations from the oldest known to Bach flower remedies, remedies for a healthy body and soul.
  • Natural cosmetics: home made beauty products
  • instructions on how to make a real natural pharmacy at home
  • Lunch and greetings


The teacher

ib p013 0 39Professor Nicola Di Novella (chemist, naturalist, geo-botanist, Scientific chairman of the Museum of Herbs of Teggiano, AIFF professor–College of Physiotherapy, prepares natural remedies from plants, he is the founder and divulgar of the project "Valle delle Orchidee" (Valley of Orchids) He will be an exceptional guide who will accompany you through the fascinating world of wild plants with great expertise and competence.