School trips to the farm

gita-in-fattoriaThe Alvaneta farm is registered under the certified regional educational farms, it organizes days dedicated to students and to the discovery of nature starting from the months of March to November, when temperatures are ideal and allow both students and teachers to organize stimulating and fun activities.
How can you spend a day at the Alvaneta farm, discovering nature through fun activities?
Once you have arrived at the company with our shuttle service, the students are greeted with a warm welcome from the staff offering home made biscuits and fruit juice.

After a brief presentation of the farm and rural geographical surroundings, you can go on a hike in the woods where you can discover the different species of trees, the undergrowth and wildlife that inhabit the area. The end point is a spring of great natural value, in a charming limestone gorge.
Passing through the vegetale garden, you will then enter the company where you will be able to partecipate in workshops, where students are divided into small groups. They will be able to learn the techniques of preparation of cured meats, hand made pasta, and some typical Cilentana dishes as well as desserts. They will participate in seasonal agricultural activities and animal care.
The program then comes to an end with a tasty lunch, which may include desserts prepared during the workshops.
Obviously one day on the farm is not sufficient to learn how a farm operates and how breeding is carried out. This is the reason why the Alvaneta Farm wants to establish a lasting relationship with schools in order to create together with the teachers, activities and projects which are consistent with the school curriculum and that are able to consolidate and enrich the education already offered by the educational system through a greater number of visits organized in different seasons.