Life in the olden days

vita-di-una-voltaIf you are a lover of simple things and authenticity, Alvaneta Farm is just the right place for you. Here are some of the activities that we recommend:

THE GAME OF THE VEGETABLE GARDEN:You and the garden will be the main characters of this activity, through which you will learn some information about its history. And not only that! The experts will also explain what the products are and how they are produced, paying special attention to seasonal fruit and vegetables in order to promote healthier eating. After theoretical explanations you can move on to practical aspects: are you ready to get your hands dirty with soil preparation and seeding?

THE COMPASS OF NATURE:Would you like to find out how to orient yourself in nature? Follow the route that leads to our workshop, where you can learn the cardinal points, the winds to which they correspond, how to read maps of the area and you will then have a way to put to practice your new gained knowledge through a fun and captivating treasure hunt.


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