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Organic farming

The Farm bases its activities on principles designed to minimize human impact on the environment and thus, allows the system to operate in a natural way. Nature is what we love most and nature pays us back with fresh and genuine products. In addition to the the facilities of the Farm, is the highly qualified organic production.

his consists of nature blending in with the pleasure of good food.

The Alvaneta Farm is synonymous with quality and reliability since 2001, a date that marked the turning point of the Barra spouses. A Good Year for taste! Thanks to its good practice of not hindering the rhythms of the soil, the Farm is able to obtain a wide range of products which have an intense and genuine flavor.
Natural and traditional techniques allow us to obtain a great number of vegetables, which end up directly on your table without enduring any type of treatment. The end results are the tasty side dishes that accompany the flavored meats obtained from animals living in the wild or semi-wild areas, offering a taste and aftertaste that is so special and hard to find elsewhere, that you can not help but come back!
Tender meats and processed meats produced according to the methods passed down from generations, will enable you to taste the typical dishes of ancient Cilentana and Vallo di Diano:

  • sauzicchia (sausage), topped with powdered pepper and anise or fennel
  • supressata (brawn), seasoned with pepper and composed with the lard (capocollo)
  • prusutte (ham) and capecuolle (capocollo)
  • lard or 'nnoglia (fat sausage)
  • vuccular (bacon) seasoned

..traditions that are untainted in their names and intense in flavor.

We don't only offer all this! The vegetables are transformed into delicious preserves in oil, in accordance with the best techniques of the past using oil that is produced in the area. Every year, the soil gives a bountiful harvest. Every season has its load of fruit, which enriches tables and completes the lavish lunches served to guests at the farm: fresh fruit and delicate jams ready to be enjoyed and tasted and to delight even the most discerning palates.
Beekeeping also provides delicious organic honey served on the table to garnish cheese, all of which is produced locally.

Do not miss the excellence of the territory. Cilento is well known for its wine production and the vineyards and Alvaneta farm is of no less importance: only the best grapes are used for wine making this gives a typical cilentana flavor, a full-bodied and unmistakable taste .
Here you are, a perfume of the past, a heritage in a heritage, a natural oasis that goes from producer to consumer, from you ... and to you!