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    The flavors of Cilento

    A un passo dalla natura
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    A modern twist

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    and zero kilometers.

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Our Menu

Our menu offers the best traditional dishes of Cilento, with a modern twist and prepared mostly by organic products and from crops and livestock which are bred on the farm, hence zero kilometers.
Our menu is designed to satisfy any kind of request, here are some of the dishes offered for:

  menu-vegetarianoVegetarians     menu-veganoVegans      menu-gluten-freeCoeliacs


Click on the specific item to open the menu


Brawn of our production menu-gluten-free

Sausage of our production menu-gluten-free

Sausage with garlic and pepper of our production menu-gluten-free

Beef filet with lard (Prosciuttella) of our production menu-gluten-free

Pig's jowl of our production menu-gluten-free

Pig's underbelly of our production menu-gluten-free

Roasted aubergines sautéed with garlic and parsley / soaked with anchovies, stale bread, garlic and oregano menu-vegetariano

Fried peppers stuffed with bread, egg and capers menu-vegetariano

Prickly lettuce marinated with black olives and capers menu-vegetarianomenu-vegano menu-gluten-free

Onion omelet / cruschi peppers / zucchini menu-vegetarianomenu-gluten-free

Cottage cheese served with honey and walnuts both of our production menu-vegetarianomenu-gluten-free

fried pasta (Rospi) made from self rising dough with anchovies menu-vegetariano

Venezuelan pancakes made with flour dough, lard, eggs and stuffed toma (cheese) menu-vegetariano

Cuccìa soup (13 legumes) menu-vegetarianomenu-vegano menu-gluten-free

bean and chickpea soup  menu-vegetarianomenu-veganomenu-gluten-free

First course

Handmade ravioli with ricotta cheese, eggs, salt and tomato sauce menu-vegetariano

Handmade ravioli with local ricotta cheese, eggs and salt and wild boar sauce

Handmade Fusilli (pasta), with wild boar without tomato sauce

Handmade Fusilli with toasted bread and nuts of our production  menu-vegetariano menu-vegano

Lagane (fresh pasta) with powdered cruschi peppers and chickpeas of our production menu-vegetarianomenu-vegano

Lagane (fresh pasta) with powdered cruschi peppers and beans of our production menu-vegetarianomenu-vegano

Cavatelli (pasta) with sun-dried cruschi peppers  menu-vegetarianomenu-vegano

Cavatelli (pasta) with seasonal vegetables (peppers, chicory, eggplant, zucchini) menu-vegetarianomenu-vegano

Tagliatelle (pasta) with porcini mushrooms (of our produce when in season) and truffle menu-vegetariano

Strascinati (pasta) with cruschi peppers menu-vegetariano menu-vegano

Strascinati (pasta) with wild boar sauce

Main course

Grilled Pork (of our production) menu-gluten-free

Grilled veal/steak menu-gluten-free

Grilled Sausage (of our production) menu-gluten-free

Grilled or stewed Wild boar (of our production) menu-gluten-free

Roast Lamb (of our production) menu-gluten-free

Meatballs with egg, cheese and stale bread menu-vegetariano

Grilled Cheese menu-vegetariano menu-gluten-free

Caciocavallo (cheese) menu-vegetariano menu-gluten-free

Toma (cheese) menu-vegetarianomenu-gluten-free

Seasonal side dishes

Tomato Salad menu-vegetariano menu-vegano menu-gluten-free

green salad menu-vegetariano menu-vegano menu-gluten-free

mbruscinate Potatoes heated and sprinkled with crushed sweet pepper menu-vegetariano menu-vegano menu-gluten-free

Baked potatoes / fried potatoes / sliced unpeeled fried potatoesmenu-vegetarianomenu-veganomenu-gluten-free


Panzerotti with chocolate, ricotta cheese and cinnamon menu-vegetariano

Canestrelli with sugar and honey menu-vegetariano

Chestnuts with rum menu-vegetariano menu-vegano menu-gluten-free

Tarts with fig / plum / apricot / peach / blackberries / strawberries jam menu-vegetariano

Cream Pizza (typical Padulese dessert)menu-vegetariano

Pizza pudding (with dark chocolate filling)


Limoncello (home made with organic lemons)

Nocino (produced by us)

Alloro (of our production)

Fragolino (of our production)



 House wine, made from two grape varieties = Montepulciano d'Abruzzo and Aglianico