Are you a fan of herbs and flowers? Do you happen not to know much about them but would like to discover the secrets of this microenvironment?
With the arrival of summer, At the Alvaneta Farm you can participate in theoretical and practical meetings, where you can learn how to recognize and gather wild plant species that grow in the Vallo di Diano, and how to use them for food, and herbal medicine.

We organize within our farm cooking classes dedicated to the best traditional dishes of Cilento, offering a modern twist to them. You will learn how to select the best seasonal produce from the farm or from companies that have local production and how to work them, cook them and taste them together in a very informal and friendly atmosphere.

vita-di-una-voltaIf you are a lover of simple things and authenticity, Alvaneta Farm is just the right place for you. Here are some of the activities that we recommend:

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